Minimalistic & Pure
Natural & Handmade With Love
Clean & Sustainable
Nature-friendly & Ayurveda Inspired
Our Focus

Our main focus is to curate products without trading off on expertise and guaranteeing that all our products are cruelty-free,paraben-free, handmade, and ethical.

Swara bliss takes pride in itself for offering a plethora of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, solution for your hair fall, dandruff, unique aromas, shower and body products, handmade soaps for both genders.
We believe in not just nourishing your body but also your soul and this is why our products are incorporated with the best medicinal values for a healthy you. Be it corporate gifts, festive gifts, or wedding gifts, our creative team has curated gift items that will give a unique experience to make your loved ones feel special!

We started this brand with a goal to provide effective natural skincare products that are formulated and infused with Grade A essential oils and are purely natural and handmade that improve your skin and hair. 



We at Swara Bliss are dedicated to boosting confidence in just not women but also men through natural, vegan products that not only empower your external beauty but also internal beauty. As beauty is always pure, fresh, and natural, our passion is to provide you with the best quality and 100% natural products.

We have a straightforward, affordable, and well-curated approach. “Quality over Quantity” is what we firmly believe.

About Us

Swara Bliss is founded by Pragya Saxena Mohan, who is passionate about natural botanicals and their easy incorporation in our daily life via means of skincare and haircare. Her team working hard with her to create a sustainable skincare brand. Swara Bliss was established in 2018 in a home run manner, we never thought we will go mainstream, with the aim to cater to authentic handmade products including Skincare, Bodycare, and Haircare inspired by Ayurveda and natural living.


What’s Swara Bliss Means

Swara means Pure and Bliss means Blessings. With that being said, we at Swara Bliss guarantee that our natural products contain top-notch and well-researched fixings that will sustain your skin, uplift your spirits and provide you with a sense of purity and relaxation during your skincare, haircare regime.


We adore natural , minimalistic skincare products.

Our cost-effective skin care products focus on complete purity and absolute freshness…

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