Facial Care Inspired By Classic Ayurveda Method

FACIAL CARE is mandated throughout the ages.

It is traced back to Indus Civilization. There are many shreds of evidence that prove that self beautification was prominent among both men and women both. Our ancestors developed skincare based on seasons and Dosha. They developed various “lepas” ( face masks or Ubtans ), special herbal ingredients used for hair treatments.

“We at Swara Bliss, develop a formulation of skincare, face care, and haircare inspired by Ayurveda. We believe, Natural is the best way of healing skin, and less is more. Swara Bliss suggests Face Care based on Ayurveda”

Follow the following steps for Radiant, glowing Skin:-

Clean face with Bath Powder Herbs:- 

We at Swara Bliss have formulated bath powder with various Indian Effective botanicals. They heal skin-deep layers and rejuvenate the skin without adding to any chemical and also do not strip the skin from natural oil.

Apply Face Mask like Ubtan

It is always advisable to use Ubtans made from natural ingredients. Swara Bliss Ubtans are chemical-free and fragrance-free. Rich in minerals, natural antioxidants.

Check Out Ubtans 

Apply Face Oil 

Once it is soaked apply Gel of your choice eg Rose gel 
After 15 mins apply Face Cream / Face Oil These are highly effective skincare routines. Gives results within a few days itself. 

Take Swara Bliss Elaidi Kera Oil in a glass bowl, add to it fresh leaves of Tulsi and a half cup of water, take steam of this mixture for 5 mins. After steam applies Swara Bliss gel of your choice. Leave for 5 mins. 

Wash it off.
Then apply the Swara Bliss Ubtan of your choice, leave for 10 mins. Wash off it and at the end apply Swara Bliss face oil of your choice.

Regular ayurvedic skincare helps in maintaining radiant, youthful skin.


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Swara Bliss

Swara Bliss was founded by Pragya Saxena Mohan, who is passionate about natural botanicals and their easy incorporation into our daily life via means of skincare and haircare.

Her team working hard with her to create a sustainable skincare brand. Swara Bliss was established in 2017 in a home-run manner, we never thought we will go mainstream, with the aim to cater to authentic handmade products including Skincare, Bodycare, and Haircare inspired by Ayurveda and natural living.

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