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While we all have a set skin and hair care routine, we often neglect our lips. Dry, chapped and cracked lips have the potential to bog down our looks.

To overcome your pucker problems, you must establish the proper lip care routine (often overlooked) to get hydrated, soft, problem-free lips.

Soft, beautiful, pink lips are everybody’s dream. But, unfortunately, many of us might have suffered from dry, itchy, flaky and chapped lips at some point of time in our life. While these lip problems can occur during any time of the year, cold, windy weather can aggravate these problems. And trust us, it hurts when that happens.

Unlike face skin, lip skin is thin, delicate, and prone to getting cracked and dehydrated. However, a sorted lip care routine can pave the way for that beautiful pink pout. But, let us first understand why we develop dry, cracked and chapped lips.

Reduced intake of water can lead to dehydrated, dry lips. The simplest solution is to drink plenty of water and an increased intake of fruits with higher water content.

We often tend to lick dry lips with the thought to moisturize our lips! However, it does precisely the opposite. As saliva evaporates, it makes the lips even more dehydrated and dry. So all the people in the habit of licking lips, it’s time to stop all that lip licking.

Biting and peeling lip skin is harmful to lip health. It not only cause bleeding but also results in dry lips, making them painful and swollen.

Nutritional deficiency can also result in the sad state of the lips. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables gives your lips all it needs to stay in pink of health.

Increased use of chemical-filled products can also result in dry, dehydrated and pigmented lips. Products filled with parabens, PAHs, Oxybenzone may cause allergies and set in dryness.

Now, we have discussed the reasons, let’s look at the remedies.

Road to Smooth Lips- Exfoliation 

Just like your face, your lip needs exfoliation too. Scrubbing your lips buff away dry skin, restoring the smoothness and softness of lips. Scrub your lips twice a week and see the difference yourself! You can scrub your lips using homemade honey and sugar scrub. Alternatively, you can try Swara Bliss Natural Green Tea Scrub, which soothes and softens the lips without drying due to its natural ingredients like Green Tea, Flaxseed Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Marula Oil, Wildflower Honey.

Essential oils like Marula oil is a treasure trove of antioxidants. This lightweight oil gets quickly absorbed by the skin. As a result, it intensely moisturizes the skin and doesn’t let

your lips feel dry even after scrubbing.

Pink Lips, More Fun=Hydration

Doesn’t it make a catchy line! Hydration is the key to successfully achieving healthy and pink lips. While external application of moisturizers and lip balms might have your heart, internal hydration is equally important. And the best thing is that it does not involve much work. Dry lips look dark and dull, whereas hydration from water brings out that pinkish hue on the lips, making them look plumper and healthier. So, keep yourself hydrated, regardless of the season and fetch that precious glass of water.

It is also essential to keep your lips hydrated during the night. A heavy hydrating lip balm such as Swara Bliss Cocoa Butter Lip Balm could serve this purpose. This minimalistic lip balm is rich in unrefined Shea Butter, and Pure Essential Oils heals dry, damaged, and chapped lips and intensely moisturizes them. Exactly what you need in your lip care arsenal!

Stress upon Chemical-free, Minimalistic yet Effective Lipcare

Minimalism is the future of skincare. Avoid using lip balms or scrubs with too many ingredients. Lip care products filled with artificial fragrances and colourants can damage sensitive skin. Instead, go for the products rich in natural ingredients, such as unrefined butter, aloe vera, freshly pressed organic oils, as they are safe and effective at providing soft and moisturized lips.

Massaging Lips Helps

A gentle massage with nourishing oils for 5 minutes daily boosts blood circulation in your lips, ensuring that they get all the nutrients they need. Swara Bliss Eladi Oil, a nourishing blend of several herbs in coconut oil, can serve this purpose well.

Keep these simple tips in mind and smile confidently, flaunting that perfect pout.

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