Swara Bliss Tropical Remembrance Perfume Oil -Vanilla,Coconut Fragrance

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Tropical remembrance is a handmade, vegan product made using two delicious smells, coconut and vanilla. This long-lasting fragrance helps you feel fresh and smell amazing even after a long tiring day.


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This delectably sweet long-lasting smell of vanilla coupled with creamy, tropical and refreshing coconut results in a unique and distinctive aroma that instantly uplifts your spirit. 

Key Ingredients

Vanilla fragrance, Coconut fragrance, Lime fragrance, Almond oil


A unique and distinctive aroma 

Long-lasting fragrance

It helps you to feel fresh all day long.

It doesn’t dry the skin.


This perfume oil is vegan, alcohol-free, does not irritate the skin, is easy to carry, and is suitable for men and women. Enjoy this long-lasting, unique fragrance that lifts your spirit.


Roll on the pulse points for a unique fragrance that lasts throughout the day.


Light oily texture 


Mild fragrance 

Product weight

10 ml


Additional information

Weight0.1 kg

1 review for Swara Bliss Tropical Remembrance Perfume Oil -Vanilla,Coconut Fragrance

  1. Becky

    Mild Skin perfume. Gives amazing soothing feeling.

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