Swara Bliss Natural Skincare.

Swara Bliss believes in Clean, Green, Natural Skincare. In today’s world Skin Health is considered to be foremost important. What we started three years back as a homegrown brand, is now MSME registered, GMP-certified company. With our ideology of purity in our creation of skincare range, we could reach out to many people worldwide. 

This year, 2021 we thought of spreading our wings, and soar in the limitless possibilities of Skincare- World. With a 50+ products launch due this year, we hope we could bring a better understanding of Minimalistic Based Natural Skincare. Building a brand is a slow process, We at Swara Bliss believe in educating the consumer, fewer ingredients in the products, keeping it real, and avoiding unnecessary chemicals in products. 

We create skincare products in small batches to ensure that quality is maintained throughout. We study, research, and create Minimalistic based Skincare Formulations; Majorly, using Indian and Global herbs & botanicals ingredients.  We ensure the natural pH of skin is maintained, and we could resolve two or three skin or hair issues with one product itself. Transparency in Beauty is Key mantra to survive in the competitive industry. We keep it real, do not mask off any natural color or smell from any products.  Remember: Your Skin deserves the best skincare with no harmful chemicals. Indulge yourself in Blissful products. Give a chance to Swara Bliss, to prove “Less is More.”

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Swara Bliss

Swara Bliss was founded by Pragya Saxena Mohan, who is passionate about natural botanicals and their easy incorporation into our daily life via means of skincare and haircare.

Her team working hard with her to create a sustainable skincare brand. Swara Bliss was established in 2017 in a home-run manner, we never thought we will go mainstream, with the aim to cater to authentic handmade products including Skincare, Bodycare, and Haircare inspired by Ayurveda and natural living.

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