Top 10 Must-Try Bathing soaps which are Handmade, Prepared With best Essential Oil and Natural Ingredients (By Swara Bliss)

  1. Saffron Soap 
  2. Pink Lotus Soap 
  3. Activated Charcoal 
  4. Walnut Scrub Soap 
  5. Rose Scrub Soap 
  6. Vanilla Soap 
  7. Shea Activated 
  8. Coconut Soap
  9. Camel Soap
  10. Lemon Orange Soap 

Swara Bliss Handmade Soaps created with natural ingredients and essential oils like olive oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Rose petals, and goat’s Milk other organic ingredients.


These soap bars retain the glycerin created during the soap-making process, resulting in the best moisturizing soap. These Handmade soaps are very mild and gently cleanse the skin leaving the skin smooth and subtle. They do not contain any harmful chemicals that can cause a skin problem we at the house of Swara Bliss believes in Clean, Green, Natural Skincare. 

Caring for your skin is our commitment; We prefer to keep our ingredients simple, easy to understand, and beneficial for your skin. Each bar of our Handmade soap contains natural extracts and high-grade soap ingredients. To provide you with the all-natural shower experience and cherish your skin.

What Are The Benefits Of using Swara Bliss Handmade soaps? 

  1. We have Plenty Of varieties which can’t be available in other soaps. 
  2. Handmade with attractive design and fragrance. 
  3. You get the perfect skin type of soap for your skin.
  4. The soaps that look after your skin.
  5. Multibenficials soap make your skin soft and supple
  6. Enhance the Bathing experience to the next level. 
  7. It has skin benefits.
  8. Superior Ingredients.
  9. Balanced PH levels.
  10. Works on Mind, Body, and Soul, with the unique aroma. 


And List Goes on and on Handmade soaps are the perfect choice for your skin. 

If you need help choosing a perfect soap for yourself or your loved ones let us know, We will be happy to solve your queries. 

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Swara Bliss was founded by Pragya Saxena Mohan, who is passionate about natural botanicals and their easy incorporation into our daily life via means of skincare and haircare.

Her team working hard with her to create a sustainable skincare brand. Swara Bliss was established in 2017 in a home-run manner, we never thought we will go mainstream, with the aim to cater to authentic handmade products including Skincare, Bodycare, and Haircare inspired by Ayurveda and natural living.

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